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^^hehee mwah

bless emily

me and emily^


^^haha luv tht pwicceh (=


^^after a cold day at the consert


^^some lez stuff going on here (=



^^my sunglasses they were new so i tried em owt xD


hehe i got drunk at that sleepover^^




1. asq95a - April 12, 2008
2. Kelsie - April 14, 2008

Ha ha ha ha sweet sunglasses ^^

3. kimba - April 24, 2008

haha! awesome piccis!

4. emma - April 26, 2008

atleast update it! ha i mem tht smirnoff..u neva drank tht ..no wait thingy never nvm..lmaooxxx [[mwi love]] emz x

5. ankin98 - May 1, 2008

ha ha you dont look cold in the consert pic

6. melondudez - May 13, 2008

your hott! xD

7. yazandlilgurl - May 27, 2008

lOL wtf kool pics anywayz guys check out me and yaz’s site yazandlilgurl cya!

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