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yep as u can see i removed my cp site so here’s my friend everyone of them, some people might not be on here for reasons but i can’t think of any that ain’t on here…LOL…lets get too it!

No particular order….

Kimba- She’s always been there for me and we had great time on bribble we laughed we argued we smiled we talked ect ect lol and we actually met on cp and then she showed me bribble at first i was confuzzzed and then i got used 2 it so thanks alot kimba ur an awesum friend and i will totally miss ya when u quit because ur one of my bestist bestist friends on bribble i hope u have gd luck to the future and ill be there watching you…ily kimba!! x (your freaked owt right now..LOL!)

Brad- ALways kind and very trustful…he’s been a great friend and i have became his friend since i started…he’s always there for me when i’m down or somethings bad happened and always puts me from sad to happy..he’s been there for me no matter what unless we had those silly arguments ayye? lawl ilyu and always will no matter what happens 😉

Acebrett- known him for a long time he ish very nice, kind makes me happy when i’m down and ish very nice to talk 2 he ish also very trustful so i temp him quite often now and ish a great person 2 hang around and i love 2 and enjoy talking to him i have known for very long very very long time ily brett x

Rosh- She’s been very close to me and we have had those ocasional ups and downs but i know shes my twin and we have had good times, specially her music..LOL…and our moosic xD but she’s the best evvvaaah totally so go twin 2!!! ilu and always will no matter what happens x x

Aaron-OMG he ish well phiitt lawl anyway….he’s been there for me when people was mean to me and stood up for me, which is what i kwl an awesome friend…ii tell him some of mwi secrets but i ain’t got many hehe..anyway..He’s like really kind..scares me at times…but i know i will always love him..cause he’s awesome and rock on! 😉 x x ilyu

Lilmizz-I havn’t actually known her for that long..but already she’s a great friend,nice generous ect ect lol But i can talk to her always and she’s just like totally awesome and i know she will always be my mate x x alwayz ily lil x x

Yaz- ii have known for like ages since i started and she’s like the best evaaah she makes awesome msn emoticions and she’s really nice and always cheers me up the way she talks because she’s always happy and makes me happy =) ii know i cna trust her alwayz and she ish great to talk to so keep rocking my world x x ily

Fano- He’s a very tustful person and nice generous and lurvs hsm who made me sing 2 them(yeah i know) but afterall hes a kwool mate and even though we argue or i get annoyed from him we start talking normally after LOL….but we have been through ups and downs but were still even mates and i havn’t even known him that long..LOL….but rock on doode ily fano alwayz x x

Mohd222- really nice and very helpful and i lurve him so much -hugz- hes like the best evvah, he’s a great friend and i know that ii would nevah forget him cus he pwns and ish so generous, i think i should know hima bit more because i havn’t bcome friends with him about couple months ago so…but even though i trust him so and givez him my lwove mwah x

Scotland- haha scot i put u on so..here it ish..he’s been there with me with a massive argument but we still made up and hes just totally awesome, very angry at timez but know matter what he’s still my friend and i love him 2 bitz cuz even tho i changed i tried 2  change back for him and i wouldn’t do that 2 just any1 i even tried 2 make him be friends with me again and thats why i did it cuz he rocks my lil sockies ily hun x x

Lizz- omg she was like one of my best friends lol but she quit for a while and now she comes back sometimes we had awesum memeories and gd times and when i got hacked on cp she tried 2 help me LOL that was class hun x x mwah ill love u always even if yah quit never forgot yah x

Jack- jack was my luv bug and my shex machine and no matter what i cared for him but i have some sad news that some of u don’t know but kellie told me this yeah..i don’t know if this is true or im allowed 2 say so im keeping it to myself just incase i’m not mnt 2 say…but i aint talked 2 him for a while but i still lvoe ya hun x

Kellie- She’s was not my friend at first but as i got to  know her more i seemed to like her more we didn’t have any ups and downs but we turned to be good partners and making a gd team on the chat as you called the ‘chewitts chat’ but i mizz her cause she did quit even though i talk to her sometimez yeah and i love ya always yeah x x ily

Sportsdude- i didn’t know him when i wern’t a mod but now we make a good team on the chill out chat and i know i can always trust him cause he ish a mod foreva ❤ he ish very polite and kind and generous and i  know we will always make a great team so if i evah quit that chat ish going to yuh cause you make a great admin ily

Roxy123abc- shes an awesome mate aint know for that long but she’s really sweet and i love her 2 bitz dont talk to her that often anymore but i know she loves me back and we are the kwooliuest yeah lol so love ya 2 bitz hun x x

Wolves- He ish a very nice person dont talk to him much but i solve his problems nice 2 help u wolves hehe and i think hes very friendly and good to teh chat and i know i cna trust him..heck i can trust all these pplz..anyway he’s kwool and sweet and an awesome friend keep rocking me (= ily x

Shortayy- She ish a pleasent,sweet,kind,generous,trustworthy and we have never ever ever argued never she ish the politest and kind girl i know( not literallY) there is more people who are that but she ish one of the people that i have never argued with. Also i hardly  get to talk to her but when i do she ish just teh best ily hun x x keep dazzling me (=

Idontbreak-  havn’t knowed him a long time but i don’t really know him that we talk now and then but not propally but afterall he’s an awesome friend and when i do talk to him he’s cool

Macdaddy- been friends with him for a long time but didn’t know him that  much as the years went by he’s been fab and enjoy to talk too had some insidents now and then but afterall i think he’s a good mate and an enjoy to talk too so ily mac x

Boggs- He ish muh shexi bf yesh muh!!!! moi!! He’s very generous and is a pleasent to talk too during the chat ect I didn’t know  him that much at first but as i been here on the chat,i’ve been more and more friends with him, i’m glad he’s my friend (and muh bf xD) I’m glad he became my fwend ily boggs x x (=

Boopeh(pinky-lemons)- He’s a very generous, sweet and very fun 2 talk 2 he shown his ‘hand’ on cam doing that cube thingy where u have 2 twist it 2 get all the colours the same(forgot what it was called…) LOL! Yep very fast! He ish very good too the chat and has made a brill job with the forums so far…It’s just great 2 be his friend ily boopeh x (even done it in ur colour)

(okay i can’t be arsed 2 go on so i’ll finish the rest laterz lawl byez)



1. --lizzie-- - April 9, 2008

Ciao cara kav x

wikid site btw *ahem*
jk lol..daym thatz a long post 😛
owwww i miss bribblee

xx talk sooooon x


2. sashacollins - April 10, 2008

Thanks kav
much apreciated …

3. wolvesisgay - April 12, 2008

wolves is evil!!!!!! i hate him he is a fat idiot and he loves men!!!!!

4. redskins1234 - April 13, 2008

i aint there

5. Kelsie - April 14, 2008

Woah… wolvesisgay must like wolves.. he seems gay.. no offence.. and wolves ish saweet ah ah ha hah aha ha ha Oh sweet site btw ^^

6. isgie - April 15, 2008

You knwo what kav? I just relized. Ur the only person on the chatbox i dont talk to that much! i need to get to know u be4 u shut down the chat!!!!!

7. Coolhilary90___x - April 20, 2008

U can’t be arsed? lol…

8. --Boggs (Not Logged on WP)-- - April 23, 2008

Awwh… Thanks, Kav!

9. kimba - April 24, 2008

yay! me first! how come im freaked out>>??

10. mohd222 - April 25, 2008

aww thanks 🙂

11. emma - April 26, 2008

lmao who are these pplz…oh from teh chat right?? lmaooo , can’t believe u still go on der, i came once…it was sh!t rofl, tell meh when ur quittin it yeah?? anyway help me on my hwk
[[mwi love]] emz x

12. emma - April 26, 2008

yeah i stole ur piccie….i needed one rofl…xD

13. ladybug - May 2, 2008

I am not your friend?:(

14. GhOsTsPiDeR - May 2, 2008

IM not your friend either. 😦

15. kav - May 3, 2008

srri =/

16. teh penguonator - June 4, 2008

i iz shocked :O

17. Beberosa95 aka Leticia aka L3ty - June 7, 2008

I’m not your friend?????
: ((((((((((((

18. bethkavsasha - June 15, 2008

Ok look, my site is suspended from the admin so i cannot add any pages, posts or anything. ok?

19. Kimba - June 24, 2008

KAV! is that yhoo?
what happened to everyone and everything?

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