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EaaaaastEnders! (Monday nite) May 6, 2008

Posted by kimba in Uncategorized.

Okaaay! Well….. WE have all found out that Steven Has been hiding Lucy, and his Nana Pat found out! In the end she got run over……

“*rolls over* sumone help meeeeeee”

And also,,, ben passed his secret dance exam! But its real silly coz u dont get ure results straight away, u have to wait for aaages! (Iknow im an ex dancer!)

Bianca went job huntin! And got a job in the Caf! LOL ian wasnt pleased bout that lol! Oh and Liam was fakin bein ill and was secretly stuffin his face with muffin…Yum!

I forgot what else happend so buhbaiz!




1. mohd222 - May 8, 2008

why am I banned on bribble?

2. Fuflle and Fluffy - May 10, 2008

hai kav!!! i miss u, havnt seen u in awhile

talk to meh soon k?

baiii ily (as a friend)

~Fuflle the Great ;o

3. extreme05 - May 14, 2008

uhhhh hello im new here and ummm wats the chat’s URL?
thanks-eliterace/extreme05/xbox360man/iron log/pwnerness

4. kimba - May 16, 2008

ok thanks for ure comment
the link to the chat is………. well just look at the blogrol or go here:
and thats where we all hang out!

5. fledge - May 28, 2008

fledge says : I absolutely agree with this !

6. teh penguonator - June 4, 2008

hey kav its teh penguo i havent been on coz off internet 😀 just dropped to say hai!

7. Sambo0ol - June 22, 2008

the bribble is closed..where do you hang out now?

8. gardenax - July 13, 2008


9. bethiikav - July 17, 2008

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