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![ChIlL OuT ChAtBoX RuLeS]! April 2, 2008

Posted by kav in chatbox, cheats, Chill Out Chat, CPCOC, Kav, others.

To start chatting, firstly you have to put in your name, then you write any other information if you want then press send then you can start chatting! A password is only needed if you are a Mod/Operator for my chatbox, so don’t put in a password and don’t click the operator button! (Or you cant get in)


  • Do not swear

  • Do not cuss

  • Do not spam

  • Do not be racist

  • Do not come to my chatbox just to advertise

  • No Double Accounts – Pick a name (preferably your penguin name) and stick with it.

  • No impersonating

  • Do not be mean

  • Do not ask to be a mod


  • Come on my chatbox often

  • Same rules as the rules above

  • You may talk in any colour

  • Only kick the people who chat if they do the things above

  • Do not unban anyone; I am the only one who can unban people.

  • It is two kicks then a ban – If you get banned I will unban you the next coming Saturday

How to be a mod:

Do not ask to be a mod or you will not be a mod. First to be a mod you need to go on my chatbox often. Secondly, act your normal self and do not break any rules. If I send you a private message saying ‘Do you want to be a mod’ you can be a mod You may say No if you want. But you must follow the rules above, if you don’t you will be demoded. If you get demoded you have to do everything all over again, but if you get demoded three times you will not be able to be a mod anymore.

(this has been copied from chewits site because it’s exactlly the same rules apply ect it’s just the name change and the background change)

NOTE: I’m looking for a new background because all the one’s i get are not right for the chat, also don’t put the club penguin sign in, the chat has got nothing to do with cp!



1. d0odlebugeh - April 11, 2008

Nice site kav :] It ish really kool!!
keep up te good work 🙂
&& first comment [[wee-hoo]] XD

2. asq95a - April 12, 2008

one guy banned me because someone else was on my computer my name is asq95a! not wolvesisgay its not fair! and wolves said alot of bad stuff but noone banned him!

3. idolpobo - May 4, 2008

wat is the port?

4. warlock33 - May 16, 2008

whats the port plss tel me

5. warlock33 - May 16, 2008

By the way the port i was asking is ( Teh Cool Chat )

6. mynewcarmynewcar - May 3, 2009

wots the url

7. Yaz - June 11, 2009

It closed down.

8. Sir Jorge Bo - March 9, 2010

can u delete frugles as a mod? she IP banned me for having the same color as her :/

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