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Do you like…? May 3, 2008

Posted by kav in Uncategorized.

ii tried a new look for my site

-give me your thoughts-

I tried a new look and i hope you like it

I didn’t really want a really girlie theme but here we go i did xD so yeahh…

give me maybe new thoughts or new ideas to improve this site

I want to make his site good for all of you to read and here the new gossip in the world

So keep them commenting and suggesting 🙂





1. Sportsdude90 - May 3, 2008

I like it mostly the header!

2. kav - May 3, 2008


3. fanocp - May 3, 2008

i like the new look but wheres ur blogroll? i cant find the bribble :$

4. Aguair - May 4, 2008


Yeah, where’s he blogroll. Eh, Eh!?



5. kav - May 4, 2008

sorry ill put it on 😉

6. sashacollins - May 4, 2008

itsh preddyful
niiiiiiiice Love the you are a superstar thingy me bob

7. Aaron - May 4, 2008

hehe i like it

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