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Hi im 13 years old and im in the U.K this is my blog i did have a web but i removed it on wordpress but i felt like making another one because i’m making videos : ) i have loads of mates on cp and i love going on there sometimes i can’t be arsed so i don’t go on. Anyway, I have black, straight hair and im 5 stones yes i’m fat lol but not over weight : ) I go on cp now and then penguin:papl and sever:frozen xD


i’m ubsessed with dancing and music btw i used 2 be a greebo so i’m not anymore…a new kav im not gonna be the old kav….. i’m gonna be new and start all over… i also am getting annoyed latley so watch it if i’m ever mean to u it obviousley means i’m in a mod and something is wrong or your just pissing me off LOL


if you really want to know i luuuurve rock music..you guessed it i’m an emo that don’t slit my wrist xD so don’t ask lol

anyway hope u learned alot ayye? x x kav iiLY



1. kimba8642 - October 30, 2007

HIYA KAV!! i aint seen u on bribble today wondered where u were but ure prob doing homework lol poor u!! Ure site rox and i hope to see u soon! oh and the youtube site of ours ROX

2. 999pingu111 - January 21, 2008

Awesome Header!

3. kimbadude - February 25, 2008


4. 999pingu111 - June 7, 2008

I made us a theme song =D

One Day the Leprechaun came and killed everyone.

Sportsdude, Sanity, Fano and Fluf.

Then Bugsy hopped in her Limozine, and she drove away from the bloody scene.

But Alex got just got a random idea.
He stalked her down to the pizzaria.

But she pulled out a gun and blew him away, Then Chef Bertolli ran away. and the ghost of Fano
reappeared, then stabbed the leprechaun in his Crappy beard.
But He still didn’t know the Leprechaun was immune to stabs, so the leprechaun killed him
with a bunch of rock crabs, So when Fano fell down to hell he oddly landed at Taco Bell.
The Demons Took him and wrapped him up, But Osama Bin Ladin stole him and brought him up

Now that they were back on Earth they could bomb big buildings and kill store clerks, but
Kellie came to save the day, now Osama And Fano had a price to pay. Then Kellie was rich
and bought a boy friend and they drove away in a Chevy corvette

5. gardenax - August 13, 2008


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