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Yeah…read! April 24, 2008

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I slightly have given up on the chat, no matter what i do to make things right, it doesn’t seem to work..such as the other day..yeah i fell out with wolves, but obviously i was in the wrong because someone told me something that was not necerseraily true, so i got mad at wolves and then BOOM! arguments came in, and people got involved..I made up with wolves..but the people didn’t who got involved..now this is were the mods come in….people seem to think to control me saying ” have this person as i mod blah blah blah”. Now this is were the admins come in, when i made sportsdude an admin everything was fine until i made other people admins and they think “oh i’m an admin, i can make any temps and perms i like blah blah”.Well that’s not true!!! Hell yeah you can make temps and no u can’t make mods unless u have MY permission if your an admin but not unless of these following things:

1) come on the chat often

2) help around with the chat

3) has alot of expirence

4)Very trustful

5) we actually have 2 know this person

6) can’t make this person JUST because there your friend

7) make a decent amount of temps and don’t go over the top so just make 3 for max

8) some1 who doesn’t break any of the rules

Yeah but some people don’t seem to follow that and they think just because i’m an admin, i can do what i please and change stuff as i please and mods they think they can now unban ppl, ip ban them and do as they please!!! WELL THAT’S NOT TRUE!!

all they have the power 2 do is kick and ban!! So i’m making new rules soon and u have 2 follow them or ull be banned yeah its ur fault for making me do this!! if you treated me right then yeah it would of been more free!!! BUT NO U STOPPED THAT!! All of you have not done this but just a few of you who is making my life hell…do you really know why i even come on the bribble eh?

I’ll tell ya why

Well, i only come on the bribble because 2 get away from life from outside, because i have been through loads of downs..so i thought there can’t be as much downs as they are in real life surely not!! but yeah there is alot of downs, i rather prefer outside then here ill tell ya my downs even thought there personal but who cares!!


So thats what’s been happening since 2007-2008 yeah all those things happened from then!!! so this is my chatbox and you follow it if ya like it or not!! thank you so much for the people who were there for me and FFS TO THE PEOPLE WHO WERN’T



Hits! Woo! April 17, 2008

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Thank you guys soooooo much couple days ago i got over 3,000 hits thanks so much mwah mwah mwah 2 u all x x lolz If we keep doing this we will get 5,000 so plzzzz help me get that far plzzzz its not just up 2 me its up 2 u 2 😉 thank you so much guys ill award u with a partayy(=



New hall of fame! April 14, 2008

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Todays new hall of fame ish drum rolll please…..*drum roll* FANO!!! congratulations fano if you don’t know fano here’s a picture of his penguin:


Be With You April 14, 2008

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Monday night I feel so low
Count the hours they go so slow
I know the sound of your voice
Can save my soul
City lights, streets of gold
Look out my window to the world below
Moves so fast and it feels so cold
And I`m all alone

Don`t let me die
I`m losing my mind
Baby just give me a sign

And now that you`re gone
I just wanna be with you
And I can`t go on
I wanna be with you
Wanna be with you

I can`t sleep and I`m up all night
Through these tears I try to smile
I know the touch of your hand
Can save my life

Don`t let me down
Come to me now
I got to be with you some how

And now that you`re gone
Who am I with-out you now
I can`t go on
I just wanna be with you


Hope ya like it took hours 2 find lolz

(NOT MINE!!!) im not deep lolz


Hall of fame for the day! April 13, 2008

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congratulations today’s hall of fame ish *drum roll* ROSH!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO! congratulations rosh u win nothing lolz but u do get 2 win todays hall of fame (= cause ur speshul whoohoo


Protected: Another post…for the mods xD April 6, 2008

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Longest Post ever…. And Update! April 2, 2008

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First of all… Credit to Slippy, coz i needed to update my site quickly so i copied his pictures,

The One with the big funny hats is the st patricks day party (ages ago missed it)

The dot to dot one, finish that and u get the crayon pin

The swirly glasses are in the cove

The red propeller hats are in the ski village

The news paper has an april fool joke, it says that you are penguin of the month! This fooled me at first but checked with my other penguin! Very clever joke and well done to whoever thought of it!

And then there is the latest newspaper!

Once again, thanks to Slippy for the pictures all credit to him!

~Waddle on


PS sorry i havent posted very busy with homework!

![ChIlL OuT ChAtBoX RuLeS]! April 2, 2008

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To start chatting, firstly you have to put in your name, then you write any other information if you want then press send then you can start chatting! A password is only needed if you are a Mod/Operator for my chatbox, so don’t put in a password and don’t click the operator button! (Or you cant get in)


  • Do not swear

  • Do not cuss

  • Do not spam

  • Do not be racist

  • Do not come to my chatbox just to advertise

  • No Double Accounts – Pick a name (preferably your penguin name) and stick with it.

  • No impersonating

  • Do not be mean

  • Do not ask to be a mod


  • Come on my chatbox often

  • Same rules as the rules above

  • You may talk in any colour

  • Only kick the people who chat if they do the things above

  • Do not unban anyone; I am the only one who can unban people.

  • It is two kicks then a ban – If you get banned I will unban you the next coming Saturday

How to be a mod:

Do not ask to be a mod or you will not be a mod. First to be a mod you need to go on my chatbox often. Secondly, act your normal self and do not break any rules. If I send you a private message saying ‘Do you want to be a mod’ you can be a mod You may say No if you want. But you must follow the rules above, if you don’t you will be demoded. If you get demoded you have to do everything all over again, but if you get demoded three times you will not be able to be a mod anymore.

(this has been copied from chewits site because it’s exactlly the same rules apply ect it’s just the name change and the background change)

NOTE: I’m looking for a new background because all the one’s i get are not right for the chat, also don’t put the club penguin sign in, the chat has got nothing to do with cp!

Protected: Hey guys, For The Chat Mods Out There! April 1, 2008

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The Easter Party 2008 March 21, 2008

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Hey Everyone today is the Easter party 2008! You have to find all the eggs and you win The Green Bunny Ears. I wont tell you the exact location of the eggs  i will just say what room the egg is in so you can have a bit of fun finding it ~ Acebrett