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New chat rules!!!!!! April 25, 2008

Posted by kav in Uncategorized.

Yeah that’s right i made new chat rules here you go 😉

To start chatting, firstly you have to put in your name, then you write any other information if you want then press send then you can start chatting! A password is only needed if you are a Mod/Operator for my chatbox, so don’t put in a password and don’t click the operator button! (Or you cant get in)


  • Do not swear

  • Do not cuss

  • Do not spam

  • Do not be racist

  • Do not come to my chatbox just to advertise

  • No Double Accounts – Pick a name (preferably your penguin name) and stick with it.

  • No impersonating

  • Do not be mean

  • Do not ask to be a mod


  • Come on my chatbox often

  • Same rules as the rules above

  • You may talk in any colour

  • Only kick the people who chat if they do the things above

  • Do not unban anyone; I am the only one who can unban people.

  • It is two kicks then a ban – If you get banned I will unban you the next coming Saturday                 

Rules for Admins

1.)You listen to what i have to say

2.)Same rules apply to above but with these extra’s

3.)Permission of me to do temps(but can’t be your friends, and has to be some1 who is GOOD to the chat)

4.)Cannot demod people unless you have my permission

5.)Don’t hand the pass out

6.) Treat me with respect and like a normal person 😉 (joke LOL)

How to be a mod:

Do not ask to be a mod or you will not be a mod. First to be a mod you need to go on my chatbox often. Secondly, act your normal self and do not break any rules. If I send you a private message saying ‘Do you want to be a mod’ you can be a mod You may say No if you want. But you must follow the rules above, if you don’t you will be demoded. If you get demoded you have to do everything all over again, but if you get demoded three times you will not be able to be a mod anymore.



1. bergeron4444cp - April 25, 2008

Ok a couple questions,

I usually use, Wolves or Bergeron4444, is that okay?
And who are the admins and mods.

2. emma - April 26, 2008

babez who cares boutz d achat…lawl [mwi love] emz x

3. tuxytron - April 28, 2008

I go on these names:

4. cpmac - April 28, 2008

try to comment the most!!!!!

5. Chewy Pup - April 28, 2008

u lied to me

6. hayleylicous - May 9, 2008

Ok please, can u guys like post the link of the chat on here so people know it if they forget it? =P

7. lolgurl - May 14, 2008

haiyah kv howz u can u send me the link of the new chat again lawl i forgot cuz im on the school Lawl ive got a voucher lawl

8. kav - May 14, 2008

on blogroll or if thts wrong change the port too:35343

9. Beberosa95 aka Leticia aka L3tyT1g3r - June 23, 2008

do you people know any new chats i miss talking to you guys and i just wanted to say bye i didn’t get the chance to

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