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Test timers March 19, 2008

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If you go in the club penguin test server’s swf http://play.clubpenguin.co.uk/load.swf and log in then make the screen smaller, you will see an clock that looks like this:


That is an egg timer.

Some of you might be wondering… What is an egg timer?

The egg timer was a project that Club Penguin came up with a long time ago that they never officaly released. It would allow parents to set a time limit on how long their child is able to play on Club Penguin for.

Those with the egg timer enabled on their account would see it to the left of the mod badge in the game on the top right corner of their screen. When your time limit is reached you will get an error message like this:


From what I have heard if you press “Learn More” it will take you to a page listing alternate activities you can do such as playing outside.

Club Penguin never put the Egg Timer in to the game and I don’t know if they plan on doing it. I just thought it was weird how they would put it in the test servers.


There are 4 new test servers in the Club Penguin Improvement Project, here is a picture:


Also there is a new comic called Under Construction:

Click to see comic.


Until then…

Waddle on!


soz i aint posted in a while (copied from kimba) go to her site on the blogroll



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