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Goodbye!! January 7, 2008

Posted by kav in Uncategorized.

well dis is it i might be leavin for sure on sunday my departure i was gonna leave in 07 but pl kept goin NOOOOOOOOO DOONNNNT GOOO which was annoyin but there u go ill be makin a vid maye my own voice dont kno i have got an cold so i might sound dodgey but ill see apparently chippah is leavin and hes been givin clues such as: deleting his site sayin cp is borin which i believe is true!! emmm.. idk what im gonna do with my site i got gd ammount of hits and i also dont kno what do wif my penguin il tell yuh who gets my site on sunday it might be a group but no1 is gettin my penguin!!! well not makin it 2 long i feel pritty bad cuz kimba doesn’t kno dis so if u eva want 2 tlk 2 meh on msn and im no chewits dis week..so…ask meh or go 2 my chatbox i will still will be on der i wont be any ova bribbles but mine and kim’s so i fink dats it ill do a long byyezz now……………..bye buhbaiizz lub yhoo miss yhoo hope 2 tlk 2 u sooon cant be arsed u carry on for meh so byyeezz!!!



1. acebrett - January 8, 2008

Kav its your choice if your leaving but i just want to say you have been so kind and funny and lot of people will miss you 😦

Kav’s comment:

ty so much i’ll miss yhoo 2 XD 😦 xxxx im glad u fink its my choise i dont like it when ppl try 2 stop meh so ty brett and hv a gd life in da future!!!!!!!

2. lizzie4321 - January 9, 2008

Kav..iim rly gunna miss yah but im gunna come in urz and kimbadudez cbox 2 lol..:)
i aint gunna stop yah lol ..or maybe i will try xP lol anywayz buhhbaiizZ …and 2 jebus 2 xD

kav’s comment:

ill miss yhoo hehe dis is a gd way for makin more ppl come 2 my bribble lol nahh its not y im leavin but ill miss yhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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