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arrrggh December 19, 2007

Posted by kav in Uncategorized.

im just gonna leave chewits now its just irratain stepp by step by step and 1 day ill probably get bored of it and guess wat i already am peopkle which aint gonna mention hv made me go so mad but not anymore im leavin for good unless i feel as if i do want to come back but i dont kno when im gonna leave but i kno its def gonna be soon so thnxs for bein der kim, lizzi ect hopefully i neva come bck but its my decision deal with it god and if ya hv a prob wif dis tough luk if u kno who u are den u can p*** off i really hv given up on most of u and some was even ment 2 be my friend so brett is tkin charge i hvnt asked him yet but o well ill still be on cp so cya around emmm actually ill keep my site it roks lol brett can be co. owner but he has 2 make the decisions wif me and if i dont like summet tht brett does ill remove da post so dont get affended by it brett even if u went through da time u obviously shud of asked me so cyaz and enjoy xmas cuz afterwads in 2008 i wont be here




1. roboking - December 19, 2007

ur never gonna post on ur own site again

2. roboking - December 19, 2007

that cant be nooooooooooooooooooooo

shame im gonna cry

3. kav - December 19, 2007

course im gonna post if i dont brett will (jabteam,acebrett)

4. acebrett - December 20, 2007

id just like to say kav u have been really nice and i wish u good luck in the future

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