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ARRRGGGH!! December 12, 2007

Posted by kav in Uncategorized.

im not so happy ever since yesterday someone *cough *cough was makin me choose who has the best pics (slippy, or brett) well here it is i aint gonna choose im sik of ppl controllin what i do and what i say and  u can not make me choose just get al life its a flippin site ok? and i choose what goes on my site and who does what at my party but ppl had 2 start controllin it and it was flippin annoyin i just wanted a kool day on club penguin celebrating my 500 hits party but people had to spoil so why dont i just leave like chippa i think he made the right decision leavin and i am goin to aswell if your readin this chippa i miss u but i aint copyin u cuz ur leavin its the exact reason y u did because of those people ARRRGGGH i hvnt made my decision

P.S.- if this doesn’t mean anything to u then get lost cuz i choose what picz i wat on MY site and i dont care WHAT YOU SAY!!

P.P.S- i’ll miss my friends on here i hvn’t thought about if i am goin 2 leave or not but this might be  if these people continue what they are doing don’t comment on here sayin not t leave it’s my decision and i hope u respect that u might be sad on what i’m doin but think about how i feel



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