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Like my new header? November 24, 2007

Posted by kav in Uncategorized.

Vote out of ten what u fink eg: hi my names………………. and i think its 7/10 it has to be out of 10 and dont be sad and put 1 if u think its bad then say 5 no meanies plzz w00p



1. penguo - November 26, 2007

Hi my name is Thepenguo I give it 9/10 well done!

2. clubpenguincheatsandglitchesrock - November 29, 2007

hi my name is plank o wood i give it 1 lol kav!
kav: holy sh!t u mutha duka how cud u?? lolz its on!! met me on cp at 6.00pm normal time its for a fight babay… mwahahah… *cough

3. clubpenguincheatsandglitchesrock - November 29, 2007

kav: 2 late i hv beaten u in just 1 lil flick u went flyin 2 cheeze land lol lol lol gd riddens dont come bck mwahahaha!!
Slippy:errm by the way i beat you i slapped u up and u know it u fell through the lodge attic hole 😛

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