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Cp Quiz November 4, 2007

Posted by kav in Uncategorized.

i have decided to make a cp quiz (pingu’s idea) i can’t take all the credit it’s pingu’s idea i asked if  could do that same idea http://pinguchippa.wordpress.com now i’ll be hidden in different places all you have to do is find me (i might nub) anyway there will be a prize ill be your friend on cp u will be on my famous list and ill get u 1 million coins thats if urwilling to give ur pass when i do give u coins u can change ur pass staright after once im finished i dont actually go on ur name but it might take me a day to do it if it don’t work then i migth think of another idea i have done the pics yet but stay tunned. My name u shud be lookin for is Xkavx but most of the time it won’t show my name, the 1-10 are hard  trust i  have maked these hard as possible. I will be posting it tomorrow for u lot to enjoy and there not as hard as pingu chippa’s but oh well theres a clue in der u just have to find it, the clue is a small thing so look closley.



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